He Said, "I am thankful that I feel I have found a program for weight loss that I feel I can incorporate into a lifestyle. I am only about 4 lbs from my lowest weight in over 20 years"

The New "6 week Challenge Course" can help you melt fat and lose weight without driving to the GYM!!
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Keith Berry
Lost 24 lbs

Wearing belts and pants that haven’t seen the light of day! Thank you Coach, I couldn’t have done this without you.”

Dr. Daniel Fajardo
Lost 24 lbs

“I am thankful that I feel I have found a program for weight loss that I feel I can incorporate into a lifestyle. I am only about 4 lbs from my lowest weight in over 20 years. I am not afraid of rebound weight gain since I feel I know have the tools for correct it. During the cheat day I still did not eat meat or sweets but I did eat some processed food and gained around four pounds. I did not panic. I knew that I did not eat enough calories to gain four pounds but that the high salt and the processed food was likely making me bloated and retain water. I knew what we were doing in the next phase and the weight would come right off. Here we are 4 days later and my weight is even lower than it was before the cheat day. The first week was tough but this last week not as hard. For that I am thankful."

Chulsey Hill
Lost 16 lbs

I was able to put on this pair of pants that fit tight before and they were loose!!!!! I feel more energy through out the day. It's amazing what just 10lbs can do. Helps motivate me to keep going. Thanks to all your in this group for your transparency and support. You guys rock!!!!”

Neketa Coleman
Lost 42 lbs

“I am grateful for life. I battled COVID for over 4 weeks and it was bad. I couldn’t breathe well at all. My O2 sats dropped to 80-82 and upper 70. I had a syncope episode and fell flat. As I started to recover my doctor said had I not lost 40+ pounds prior to then I more than likely would not have made it. Therefore, I am thankful to my SwitchOn Coaches for pushing me…y’all ultimately saved my life. 💜Grateful I also truly appreciate this challenge. I believe I am learning more about me and my eating triggers. This is important in order to fix it. I’m thankful for the mindset to be healthier and not give up even when I slip.”

Deborah Bowman
Lost 16 lbs

“The mental aspect of this was the part that I needed the most work on and I can honestly say I am healthier in that respect than I have ever been. I am also grateful for the members of this group who help to push me toward reaching my goals you are an amazing group of people and an inspiration to many! Thank you Rhadi Ferguson and Arlo Henderson for convening this group and assisting us in reaching our goals.”

Jubie Robinson
Lost 23 lbs

My weight has dropped to levels I haven’t experienced, with the exception of illness, in my adult life. This was unimaginable to me months ago. Now I’ve not only experienced it, I understand why I’m losing weight. Also, I’m grateful for everyone involved in this challenge. Your transparency has been a source of both inspiration and comfort. Words cannot properly express how much I have benefited from Team SwitchOn Switch in 6 weight loss challenge. Let me dispense with the particulars. Where I started: 191lbs. Where I finished: 168.2lbs! What I learned: I’ve been an obese adult my entire life and I say that without guilt or shame, it’s just the facts. I learned that I have the ability to reverse the course of my health life through the discipline and accountability that is the structure of this program. I learned that the principles are easily adaptable to my life which will enable me to live in the fullness of life. Would I recommend the SwitchIn6 Challenge to my family and friends: Without a doubt! This program has had such a powerful impact on my health that I attended my alma mater Homecoming this past weekend and actually lost four pounds while I was having a great time! You will not beat this price point so sign up while the deal is still on the table and change your life! #35lbsdown since last year!”

Herman Dorsett
Lost 44 lbs

I started at a lukewarm 365, and finished this phase at a hot 321. It’s a great start! I learned how to eat much better using food only, and timing. I will absolutely recommend Switch to Lottie, Dottie, and Everybody!
I owe you, Rhadi and Arlo and huge THANK YOU for igniting the spark. 

6 Week Weight Loss Challenge
From January 3rd to February 13th



1.    You are our #1 priority and focus while we're coaching you. No distractions, no exceptions. As your coaches, we work as hard as we possibly can to ensure you stay focused, happy, and healthy on your mission toward increased health.

2.    A fun and challenging  coaching environment.

3.     We keep all your information 100% confidential, unless you have given us clear permission to share something. All your information, including health history, progress measurements and photos, and contact info is kept completely private.

4.    Plant-based, whole foods-focused nutrition coaching. You don't have to be vegetarian or vegan, but our nutritional advice focuses on plant-based living along with whole foods.

5.     A friendly kick in the ass. We will motivate you to reach your goals and hold you accountable for your actions. (Oh, and we'll call you out on  your BS, if necessary. Hey, that's why you hired a coach right?)


1.    You make health and fitness one of the top 3 priorities in your life. In order to achieve the results, you're after, you'll need to pair the financial investment you're making in coaching with a mental investment in healthy, active living. Your daily habits will make or break your results (and don't worry, I provide you with the know-how you'll need to work out and eat clean on your own).

2.    You try your best to have a positive approach to your health and fitness. We maintain a complaining, body shaming, self-blame, negativity, and "can’t do" attitude-free zone. This doesn't mean we expect you to be sunshine-and-rainbows all the time. But it does mean that you commit to focusing on the positives as best you can during your quest for increased health and fitness.

3.    You're open to stepping just outside your comfort zone. We expect you to be open to trying new things - assuming we agree they're within your  means. Also, it should go without saying that you're going to be working hard; without hard work you won't get any results!

4.    Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you are unhappy or uncomfortable with any aspect of our relationship, you commit to discussing it with me as soon as possible. We welcome and encourage all types of feedback.

5.    Interaction: Interaction in the facebook group will provide you with your best results


1. You register below
2. We will contact you and give you the dates of your coaching calls
3. We will also put you in a Private Facebook  group (if you do not have facebook you will need to download it after you register)
4. Coaching will be provided over 6 weeks in the Facebook. We say. You do. And we win. 
5. Results guaranteed or will give you your old body back.
6. If you do exactly what we say and don't lose any weight we will give you a full refund.
7. Please consult your physician before beginning any weight loss or fitness program.

The New "6 week Challenge Course" can help you melt fat and lose weight without driving to the GYM!!
Get this today for a single payment of $47!
 (This is a limited time offer)