The switchon Online power up SUMMIT

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

Coach Arlo Henderson

May 2  2021 | Online

We’ll Talk About Getting Your Life "SwitchOn" For Success

Many times what we are missing is that "one" thing, that "one" idea, that "one" word at the right time to get us to where we need to be.  And you can get all of that and more.  Just make sure you:
  • Plug In - Get with and around the right people.
  • Power Up - Get fired up by seeing a clear path to winning in life.
  • SwitchOn - Turn that external push into an internal homing device that's set for success.

8 Hours To Grow Exponentially, To Transform Your Life, and To Rewrite Your Story

Your life is not over yet. Your story is not written yet. You are still writing it. The world nor your friends, nor your loved ones understand what you have inside of you but they will after the PowerUp Summit. This weekend you will see what it is like to go through life with your...... SWITCH ON!!!

Your Hosts

SwitchOn Coaches Rhadi Ferguson and Arlo Henderson have over 40 years of coaching experience combined.  They have helped executives, athletes, attorneys, doctors, soccer moms and weekend warriors change their lives by accessing their "switch" and learning how to SwitchOn!

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD

2004 Olympian
Former MMA Fighter
Former Adjunct Professor at University of Tampa and University of Central Florida
Author | Teacher | Trainer | Coach

Arlo Henderson, MBA

Former Professional Football Player
Member of the National Football League Players Association
Business Owner
Cognitive Behavior Coach
Professional Sales Trainer
Author | Teacher | Trainer | Coach

Here’s What They Saying About The Power Up Summit...




You Can "Change" Your WHOLE Life With The Right "Change"

In this picture you see a pawn, which is smallest yet one of the strongest pieces on a chess board. This pawn has been transformed into a "King" with one small change.  At the PowerUp Summit you will find that change that you need and you will discover....
  • How To Identify, Manage and Work Through Your Friction Points
  • The difference in life between the contenders and the pretenders
  • How to understand where you are, where you want to go and the exact steps to take to get there
  • ​How to take your life, your existence, your family, your job and your business to the next level of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the the highly exclusive, intimate and life changing PowerUp Summit  and get your FAQ answered. Hosted by SwitchOn Coaches Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and Arlo Henderson, this  seminar is for professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales / marketing, parents, coaches and anyone that wants to SwitchOn their life. Come and network with SwitchOn Coaches Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and Arlo Henderson while taking your goals to the next level. If you have any additional questions, please call (813) 235-5810 or email our team at
Date and Time?

What are the daily start and stop times of the event?

The Online Sunday the event will run from 9:00AM until 5:00PM.

Where is the PowerUp Summit?
The PowerUp Summit is Online. 

Which date is the PowerUp Summit?
The PowerUp Summit dates is May 2nd 2021


When and where is the PowerUp Summit?
Online on Sunday

May 2nd.
Event Information

What is the PowerUp Summit?
The PowerUp Summit is a highly exclusive, intimate and life changing event for entrepreneurs, business leaders and anyone that wants to SwitchOn their life.

How many people will be at the Summit?
We will have 100 seats online available

What it the agenda?
The event agenda is still in the works, but we will provide it to you in the days leading up to the summit.

Are there any age limitations?
Yes you must be 18+.

Can my kid(s) watch the conference?
We do not recommend this event for children under 10. Any minors 10-17 must be accompanied by their Parent or legal Guardian.  


SwitchOn Announces the 2nd Edition Of Annual PowerUp Summit
May 2  2021 | Online
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